What Callaway Golf Bags Are The Best?

Planning to buy a golf bag, the first question you must ask yourself is, how are you going to use and the purpose of it, because based on the answers to above questions only the best golf bags can be chosen, there are four types of Golf bags available , they are;

1. Staff Bag

2. Cart Bag

3. Stand Bag

4. Carry Bag

Staff Bag

These bags are the best suited bags if you are a professional, these bags are heavy in weight and used by professional golfers. These bags top the list when it comes to choosing the best golf bags. But there are few issues in buying this bag if you are not a professional, because these bags are heavy and a professional golfer won’t be carrying his bag, a caddy would be doing it, and he would own a cart as well separately, so though these bags are luxurious, big, spacious, offers plenty of storage space and of high quality, these are best suited only for professionals. Among all the Callaway golf bags, the Big Bertha Tour Authentic Staff Bag is rated high for its modern technology

Cart Bags

These bags can be used if you have a riding cart or a pull or push cart. These bags are smaller that the staff bags, it is designed to be carried in a golf cart. There are two types of cart bags – Pull cart bags and Riding Cart bags, the difference between the two is that their tops are reversed. Pull carts have the compartment of the woods on the top of the iron, when the bag is carried by the cart, and in case of riding cart bags, they have a side that is void of pockets and that side faces the cart, and all the other pockets are accessible even when the bag is on the cart, it also have a wedge well or a separate putter

Stand Bags

As the name suggests , these bags have a stand attached to them, to enable them to stand upright or canted, two retractable legs are attached to these bags, which aid them in standing upright or in slanting manner, it is usually canted because it enable easy access to the clubs it holds. These are best suited for golfers who would be carrying their own bags. These bags are designed like a backpack with shoulder strap to make it easy to carry; these bags can hold a full set of clubs and have divider top system, which makes them more featured. The Big Bertha Hyper-Lite 5 Stand bag has been rated high among other Callaway golf bags.

Carry Bags

These bags are similar to stand bags, because these bags are the best suited for golfers who carry their own bags and walk the course. “Sunday Bags”, this is how these bags are called often. Carry bags mostly have enough pockets for spare balls, gloves, etc. But you may be able to carry only the essentials in the carry bag.


While choosing the golf bags, certain features must be checked without fail before buying, this would help you buy the best Callaway golf bag

· Bag height

· Weight

· Top Divider system

· Handles for lifting

· Dual strap system

· Stand Mechanism (In case of Stand Bags)

· Storage space

· Strap padding

The above details would definitely help you in choosing the best Callaway golf bags.

Cletus Hudson