Golf Bag Reviews 2014: The Top 10

The end of 2014 is near, but it’s not yet too late to take advantage of what this year has to offer as far as golf bags are concerned. This year gave golfers a lot of amazing bags and it would be a shame if you’re not going to at least check them out.

This is especially true since you recognize their benefits. Simply put, it would be pretty hard to succeed on the course without a good one. After all, you’re not really planning on carrying your clubs, balls, gloves, and other accessories by hand, right?

Listed below are 10 of the best options for you that you can choose from. There are a lot of them in the market, but you can’t go wrong with any of these 10.

  1. Callaway Cart Bag – Golfsmith Exclusive

You know that it’s a good one if it’s marketed as lightweight. Of course, it’s made by Callaway, so it’s automatically one of the best out there. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it lacks in features since it’s light in weight. Knowing Callaway, you just know that they’ll pack it with features, and they did.

It has seven useful pockets all in all with a pouch for your valuables. It also has a 14 way top and a rain hood to protect your belongings. It also has thoughtful features like a towel holder, glove loop and tee holder.

  1. ProActive Sports 5 Inch Sunday Bag

This is not your usual golf bag. It’s considered as an alternative to the usual and bigger ones. At just a pound, it’s very lightweight which makes it the perfect choice for golfers just looking for something light that they can use at the driving range or on an executive course. But still, with its durable construction and wide mouth, it will get the job done.

  1. RJ Sports EX-350 Cart Bag

This one’s rather on the heavy side at almost 8 pounds which isn’t a problem since it’s designed to be attached to a cart. It features a 14 way divider top with two massive tubes outside of the bag that you can use for your most used clubs like your wedge and putter. There are 6 pockets that are easy to access plus a compartment that can keep your drink cold for hours.

  1. Nike Sport II Cart Golf Bag

This one is almost always nearing out of stock status in online shops and for good reason. It has 10 pockets that are very useful that you’d find ways to use each one of them. Of the 10, 7 are zippered, which makes them perfect for your valuables.

It’s from Nike so it’s known to be durable. It’s important to note that it has a 14 way oval dual sided top which a lot of golfers prefer.

  1. Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag

This is a good option if you’re the type of golfer who carries a lot of clubs with you. It has an 8 by 9.5 inch top that features 6 total dividers so it can accommodate a lot of clubs. It’s also a very durable bag thanks to how it’s constructed (3 stays) and Wilson’s choice of material which is polyester fabric.

  1. Sun Mountain Golf C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain is not going to displace brands like Callaway and Nike, but this particular bag deserves to be in the conversation for the best bags this 2014. It’s a cart bag that’s designed in such a way that all pockets can be easily accessed even when it’s attached to a cart. Organizing your clubs won’t be a problem thanks to its 15 way pocket design.

  1. 2014 Sun Mountain Golf Sync Cart Bag

This is another winner from Sun Mountain. One of the best things about this model is it comes in assorted colors so you can easily pick your favorite. It’s not just about its good looks. It has a 15 way top that comes with individual dividers that are full in length. There’s even a compartment for the putter integrated onto the bag.

Just like the C-130, all the pockets are facing forward so you can easily access them even if the bag is attached to a cart. This is especially helpful especially since there are 9 pockets all in all. It also comes with a rain hood that matches the color of your choice.

  1. Callaway Golf Chev Organiser Cart Bag 2014

Just as the name implies, this cart bag organizes golf clubs effectively and efficiently thanks to its 14 way divider system that organizes golf clubs well. It has a very comfortable strap which makes it a joy to carry especially since it’s very light at just less than 5 pounds in weight. It has several useful pockets, including one for your wet belongings so as not to affect your dry belongings.

  1. Bullet Lightweight 6 Inch Golf Stand Bag

This is a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight and compact bag that can still function well in an 18 hole course. It has a 6 way divider top that’s 6 inches wide, which means that it can carry up to 10 golf clubs. It even has a full length pocket that can fit in your clothes and a lot of your golfing accessories.

At just a little over 3 pounds, it’s very easy to carry especially with its double strap system plus hip pad.

  1. 2014 TaylorMade SLDR Tour Preferred

This bag is beautiful. It has beautiful synthetic leather which makes it a joy to watch and hold. It has a 6 way top with dimensions of 7.5 by 11 inches. This means that you can easily access your organized golf clubs.

There are 5 pockets all in all, so you can be sure that all your belongings will be safe and secure. Speaking of safe and secure, there’s also a pocket that’s designed to hold your valuables like your phone and wallet.

Cletus Hudson