What Tiger Woods Golf Shoes Are The Best?

Tiger Woods is popularly known by both golfers and non-golfers to be among the best golfers that have ever lived. Even people who do not understand the game are familiar with the name Tiger Woods. In golf, the shoes that one wears matters a lot much as the swing and posture one makes. Do you know the type of shoes worn by Tiger Woods?

You should be interested in knowing the golf shoes that the golfer wears because it matters in the game. The shoes that you wear influence the swing and body posture, which are also essential in the game. The type of shoes that you wear in extension influences your chances of winning. What better way to assess golf shoes than knowing what the champions wear.

Tiger Woods wears a variety of shoes. However, these shoes are similar in their most essential aspect. He wears

· The Nike Free TW 13

· Nike Free TW Prototype Golf shoes

· Nike Zoom Woods shoes

The Nike Inspired TW 13 is the latest pair that Woods have been wearing during his games. The pair of shoes has been described to be lighter and flexible making them confortable. This is what a golfer needs especially when playing a tense world-class golf game. What the shoes give you is the ability to conduct energy in an efficient way when doing the swing. However, the shoes would need more ventilation and better stability. These lacking features are needed in golfing shoes.

The Nike free TW prototype golf shoes are the other Tiger Woods shoes. These shoes are credited for Tiger Woods comeback. It is rumored that he wore this shoes during his comeback. The shores are adorned with a motion free technology that is natural. Moreover, you get the innovative flywire Nike technology with every pair you buy. The feature is made of polyurethane coating with a particular fabric that is used in basketball footwear. The heels of the shoes are made of Nike air max units. Having said that, we known that Tiger Woods has not been as vibrant as he used to be before his break. Could the shoes be the factor of the dismal performance?

The Nike Zoom Tiger Woods Golf Shoes is one of the other shoes that Woods wore during his matches. Most golfers wear these shoes. The good thing about these shoes is that they look nice. The aesthetics of the shoes are on point. You can be comfortable with the shoes when on a casual event because they look good. The pair is made of full grain material that is made of that is deliberately designed to allow utmost comfort and protection. The shoes absorb impact. They have a soft padding based on the ankle and heels that are made to take in the pressure from external factors.

Of all these shoes, the best shoes are the Nike free TW prototype golf shoes. They are the oldest brand but still work well for most golfers. However, the other shoes have their specific advantages that make them put you at a better position than the Nike free TW prototype golf shoes.

Cletus Hudson